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Don’t let a malfunctioning fridge or freezer ruin your day. Our expert team is here to provide fast and effective refrigerator repair services. We stay ahead of the game with ongoing training and cutting-edge techniques, so you can trust us to fix the problem and keep your food fresh. Call Athens Appliance today for top-rated repair services!

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Common Refrigerator Repair Problems

Our repair experts are familiar with a variety of common repair issues including these and more:

A failing refrigerator can be caused by several issues, including improper temperature settings, dirty coils, and faulty door seals. If none of these simple solutions fix the problem, the compressor may be at fault, requiring professional repair. Contact Athens Appliance Repair for fast and reliable refrigerator repair services to prevent further damage or loss of your perishable items.

When your fridge starts making odd noises, it’s important not to ignore them. These sounds could be symptoms of underlying issues that, if left unaddressed, could result in a major breakdown. A faulty fan motor or compressor, for example, can cause a range of sounds like clicking, buzzing, or humming. A refrigerant leak, on the other hand, may produce gurgling or bubbling noises. These problems require the expertise of professional refrigerator repair technicians to diagnose and fix.

Are you tired of your freezer failing to do its job and leaving your frozen goods at risk of thawing? Don’t fret – there are a few things you can check to diagnose the problem. First, make sure the temperature setting isn’t too high, as this can prevent proper freezing. Next, take a look at how much is stored in the freezer. Overfilling can block airflow, leading to improper cooling. If neither of these simple solutions works, there may be an issue with the evaporator fan or the defrost thermostat.

More Refrigerator Repair Tips


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