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No. Contrary to what you may be told. Anyone who offers you a “free service call with repair” is still going to charge you a service call fee if they can’t fix your machine. The key words to note are “with repair”.

Here at Athens Appliance Repair Heating & Air, all our Technicians are background checked, licensed, trained with the various manufacturers to give you a peace of mind.

Athens Appliance Repair Heating & Air stands behind every job we preform. Additionally we offer a 90 days warranty on parts installed by our pros, and a 30 day warranty on labor.

We accept all forms of payments, so we honor Credit cards, Debit Cards, Personal Checks, and off course cash payments.

Most new kitchen appliance installation involves cutting granite, shelving, cabinets or drywall, which we prefer to leave to the stonemasons and carpenters. However, in some cases we can install your kitchen appliances. call Scott and ask about your particular situation. We do install washers, dryers, dishwashers (in some cases), refrigerators, garbage disposals, freestanding ice makers and microwaves.

Put a cup of water in microwave and heat till the water boils and steams up the inside. Most spills and splashes will wipe right off.

Vacuum on routine basis; we recommend every 6 months unless you have dogs or cats and then every 3 months.

Use the baking soda from your refrigerator to flush disposal of odors and use ice to clear out any deposits in disposal.

No, doing so ruins the interior and the ability to self-clean.

A blogged house vent or the vent hose is smashed/twisted behind dryer.

It could be the use of lemon dishwasher detergent against advice from manufacturer.

It could be any of the following reasons: not hot water, too much soap, not enough rinse agent.

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